Messi Pop-Up Store

Miami is buzzing with Messi Mania, amplified by Adidas’ new six-month-long pop-up shop proudly produced in part by our very own talented team!
In early July, Adidas approached us with an epic opportunity: engineer, produce, and install a 4,500-square-foot bespoke pop-up store for Major League Soccer and Messi in Downtown Miami. The only catch? We had just THREE WEEKS to pull off phase one (and only one additional week for phase two)!
We received pre-approved design renderings from Latitude, but had to figure out a way to transform the 2D drawings into the 3D world. Our engineering team designed hardware, fixtures and dimensional components, first through meticulous, accelerated prototyping, then to scale, fitting the building specs. Latitude’s creative concept Fútopia, a euphoric soccer dreamscape, featured sunset-like colors with pops of electric light. To achieve this vision, our material experts provided substrate and finishing recommendations and then sourced all the materials needed to create the intended ambiance: metal, plexiglass, acrylic, reflective pink film, Walk and Wall, 3M 180, Sintra, vinyl, and a TON of pink LED lights.
Over the span of just two weeks, our production team came together to produce everything needed to create the dreamy interior: 3,000 linear feet of custom wallpaper with spot varnish highlights, branded column wraps, stepped footwear wall, jersey display cases, a red mirrored archway, lit dimensional double-sided hanging signs, 3D lettering and logos, custom rod and sewn curtains, merchandising displays, and checkout counter wrap. To level up the impact, we created shopper-attracting elements, including LED lighting around the window mullions, edge-lit routed-out window displays, window neon tubing, privacy window and door film to create an element of mystery, and mirrored brand logos.

Project Highlight

Latitude’s design called for five transparent museum-quality cases to house Messi’s game-worn jerseys and cleats from throughout his career. Our engineers and fabrication crew collaborated to create and build the transparent 30-inch-wide by 78-inch-tall by 20-inch-deep display cases. The finished product allows viewers to get up close and personal with some real-life Messi memorabilia, but still ensures the jerseys will be protected and preserved for years to come.

Once production was complete, our fulfillment team carefully packaged everything and shipped it. Three days later, installation began in Miami. Our crew brought the space to life, diligently installing LED lighting, hanging signs, jersey display cases, the mirrored archway, 3D logos and lettering, window neon tubing, and exterior signs. Space and time were tight – at one point, there were over 50 people working inside the shop, including a mural artist! – but our installers took it in stride and everything came together perfectly. On July 21st, 2023, the day before Messi’s first opening game, the pop-up shop opened to a line around the block.
We loved the opportunity to flex our creative skills and production speed on such a high-profile project. If you’re in the greater Miami area, make sure to score some swag and check out our graphics before the pop-up closes!

Summary of Infinity Images Services

  • Project Management – Our dedicated Adidas project manager tracked all project components through engineering, production, shipping, and installation to ensure everything came together cohesively and on time.
  • Engineering Upon receiving the client renderings, our 3D engineering team figured out how to bring each component to life through precise calculations, research and development, and prototyping.
  • Prepress – Prepress refined the supplied design files for printing and ensured color matching across the various substrates.
  • Printing – Curtains were printed by our dye-sublimation fabric printer, all wall and window graphics were printed by our Durst large-format printers, and spot varnish and white components were printed using our Nyala.
  • Cutting – Laser cutting, CNC routing, and Zund knife cutting were all used to size the printed components down to their final dimensions.
  • Fabrication Our team built the five custom jersey display cases in-house.
  • Finishing – In order to create the red mirrored archway, our hand-finishing team applied a red film to the mirror surface.
  • Installation – We installed LED lighting, hanging signs, five jersey display cases, the mirrored archway, 3D logos and lettering, and exterior signs.
  • Fulfillment – Almost all dimensional items were shipped already assembled, and our trusty fulfillment crew figured out how to securely package everything to ensure all components arrived safely.

Whether it’s a permanent store or a temporary pop-up, retail activation projects are where we really shine as a company. Our project portfolio features brands like Adidas, Nike, Columbia Sportswear, and hopefully soon, you! If you’ve got a retail vision you need help producing, let’s chat.
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