OSU Gymnastics Practice Facility

Oregon State University
The new Oregon State Gymnastics Facility is fit for the elite student athletes who practice within the walls. We were proud to partner with OSU to produce and install environmental graphics for the space.
The OSU Gymnastics team celebrated its 46th season making it to the NCAA Regionals in 2021. Having not had a remodeled practice space since 1990, it was high time that this exceptional program got a new, modern training facility.
The building is 20,000 square feet, making it the largest gymnastics facility in the PAC-12. It was only fitting that we flex our largest large-format capabilities and produce the graphics for the space. Oregon State trusted us to run, jump, and flip with their design direction and choose the best materials to bring the building to life.
It was essential to install easy-to-clean materials for the environmental graphics (all that gymnast chalk!). We used cut vinyl applications for the wall graphics – including a special metallic glitter vinyl for the large beaver head that mimics the gymnast’s leotards. 

Project Highlight

The enormous cut vinyl “OSU Beavers” wall graphics measured 16-feet tall and spanned the width of the building. Our engineering team performed an extensive site survey and detailed as-builts to obtain accurate sizing and placement for installation. The precise survey conducted ahead of time made for a seamless install process.

In the facility entrance, we installed a brilliantly lit and welcoming SEG and recognition plaques to celebrate accomplishments. The "Champions Live Forever" display has room to add the names of athletes to honor their continued success. 
Every detail pays homage to Oregon State, down to the branding on the ice tub and in the kitchenette. We also made sure to produce highly customizable displays that are easy to update and swap out, like the magnetic locker nameplates.
Click here to see the gymnast’s reactions to their new space. Safe to say they loved the result! And, check out a full video tour here.
Photos Courtesy of:
Oregon State University

Summary of Infinity Images Services

  • Project Management – Infinity Images project managers oversaw the production process from initial client consultation through installation.
  • Design – Our design team took the client’s branding and ran with it, originating creative interior décor concepts for the entryway, gymnasium, training room, locker room, and kitchenette.
  • Engineering – 3D engineering performed a thorough site survey and created digital renders, ensuring that all graphic components were produced and installed exactly to size.
  • Prepress – Preproduction ensured all graphic files were properly formatted for large-format printing and cutting.
  • Printing – We digitally printed wall graphics, a back-lit SEG, dimensional letters, changeable locker photos, and recognition plaques.
  • Cutting – Our large-format cutters digitally cut both the flat and dimensional graphics with precision.
  • Fabrication – We fabricated the 3D logo and lettering, and locker room recognition plates in-house.
    – Vinyl-wrapping the plaques required steady handwork from our finishing team.
  • Installation – The Beaver’s facility exuded new life after all the graphical components were seamlessly put together by our installation crew.

If you’d like to bring your team’s practice facility to the next level, look no further. We offer a full suite of services, including design, printing, cutting, fabrication, and installation. Contact us to learn more!
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