How do we transform the most complex of concepts into fully immersive retail and experiential environments? Through engineering.

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Infinity Images is known for elevating traditional graphic displays into awe-inspiring installations with dynamic features. Engineering determines how we build. It's the key to ensuring that what gets designed can be safely and successfully made in our shop. And with the most talented engineering team in the Pacific Northwest, we can handle each project quickly and efficiently.

Engineering requires careful consideration of factors like building codes, weight restrictions, electrical circuitry, material limits, and other variables that could make or break the fabrication of a 3D display design. Our team considers every detail so that your project avoids any potential pitfalls and setbacks.

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Research & Development

Our work starts before a project even lands in our laps. We are continuously researching, testing, and developing new and better methods of building captivating experiential 3D displays. The results of our research drive the decision-making for future projects.

3D Rendering & Modeling

Through 3D rendering, modeling, and environmental scans, we can communicate how a design will look and function in a space, such as a retail environment or window display. These models are used as "sketches" to better inform our technical engineering drawings.

Industrial Design

Our in-house industrial designer develops CAD, shop, and mechanical drawings to inform the production process using the industry's best software. Depending on the project, we may work with on-site contractors or structural engineers to gain sign-off and approval.


We perform testing of 3D displays through prototyping. Infinity Images offers private rapid prototyping services in Portland so you can see your designs come to life before anything moves to production. It's our way of giving you confidence that you're in the hands of industry experts.

Featured Project

adidas NMD Sound Wave

Lit sound waves suspended in store windows? Not a problem for our engineering team. Our engineers developed a solution of flexible LED tubes affixed to a custom subframe. All lighting was wired and tested in-house, which made for an easy installation process in stores.

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