Where the machines end, the handwork begins. We have experienced and steady hands ready to finish your most meticulously detailed projects.
The details, the craftsmanship, the final touches: this all happens within our finishing department. From laminating and mounting to painting and sewing, all handwork is performed by our team of people who are passionate about perfection.
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Finishing offers a bevy of key services, including assembling POP retail displays, touch-up painting and clear coating, acrylic face mounting, vinyl wrapping, adhesive application, and much more. With a skilled in-house sewing team, we produce everything from banners and bags to sewn dye-sub fabrics and custom displays.
Every retail graphics project requires a sharp set of eyes to ensure all of the fine details are customer-ready. When our finishing department performs the final applications, the results are easy to see.

NBA All-Star Week

The shop-in-shop inside of Chicago's Nike Community Store required next-level attention to detail. We upholstered the locker room-style benches, wrapped every overhanging LED light tube in film, and pre-wired each fixture before shipping everything to Chicago. In just a few short days, every piece of the puzzle was put together by our in-house finishing team.

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