Whether it’s one small package delivered across town or hundreds of individually wrapped components sent across the country, we approach each shipment with the utmost care and consideration.
Is fulfillment the most glamorous step in our process? Probably not. But we’d argue it’s one of the most important. Delivering on time and in perfect condition is critical to the success of your printed graphic or installation project.
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Fulfillment isn’t just about packing and shipping – it’s a refined process that requires more than an envelope, box, or crate. We design our fulfillment and distribution processes to serve you. Our services utilize the most efficient shipping methods to help you avoid unnecessary costs, and we fabricate custom boxes designed to protect each component from damage. As an SGP-Certified facility, we use sustainable packaging methods and repurposed materials whenever possible.
Working hand-in-hand with account directors, our in-house fulfillment department manages packing and shipping logistics for countless projects. Infinity Images frequently distributes thousands of individual items for retail initiatives across the country and internationally. We’ve proven time and again that our capacity knows no limits, and our focused approach delivers every time.

Field Museum Store

Shipping huge, delicate wire mesh art pieces from Portland to Chicago is no simple task. Utilizing custom-built crates, our fulfillment team carefully suspended the mesh sculptures within large boxes. We then partnered with a trucking company to safely send the displays straight from our dock to the museum.

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