We put it all together, using the right tools for the job. The fabrication shop is where our skilled makers make it happen.

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After the engineering process is complete, we roll up our sleeves and build. Utilizing all of the tools in our toolbox, the fabrication team brings your 3D displays and multifaceted projects to life.

Our craftspeople at Infinity Images are masters of fabrication, often using several material types to create one display. Acrylics are welded to create custom frames and materials are heat-bent into dimensional objects. Furniture is crafted with wood and upholstered with fabric. We build custom displays for events and retail environments that incorporate dynamic elements such as moving parts, video projection, custom fixtures, and hardware. 

We’re fluent in the technical specifications of all that we make and use our knowledge to create everything from simple risers and pedestals to complex dimensional walls. No matter the material or number of materials, we can make it happen through fabrication.

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Custom Fixtures

Make your next retail display stand out with custom fixtures. We’ll build and wrap pedestals for your next POP display or fabricate furniture for a retail pop-up. Custom fixtures that align with your print marketing sets your brand or space apart.


Taking your displays and graphics to the next level means lighting them up. Whether you need a sign with lit dimensional letters or a subtly backlit SEG, we can design and integrate fully customized UL-certified lighting components into your displays.

Digital Integration

Integrating digital signage into your retail displays or office space is a great way to keep marketing content fresh and up to date. Infinity Images can add digital components such as TVs, video projections, or moving display components to add constantly engaging visual interest.

Featured Project

Nike Air Max 270 React

Exactly how we built these infinity mirror pedestals will be kept a secret. But we can tell you that our fabrication team built out these pedestals for 90 store locations using mirrors and primary-colored LED lighting to give the appearance of bright neon store signage in just eight days.

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