Nike Air Max 270 React

Finish Line
What if you could shop for premium kicks at your local bodega? Sounds ideal to us. We took that concept and ran with it to build out this Nike retail campaign.
We all have a favorite convenience store. It’s that special place just around the corner that’s always open and stocks your favorite snacks. In a perfect world, we’d also grab some high-performance running shoes with our Sour Patch Kids. We brought this fun idea to life at Finish Line stores across the country.
Using creative problem solving and skillful craftsmanship, the bright colors, lights, and fixtures of a city convenience store were replicated inside Finish Line. Starting with the client’s designs and renders, we engineered, built, and installed displays that harkened back to retro bodegas.
Everything we built had a clear correlation to bodega signage and fixtures, from the backlit dye-sub printed graphics for the ceiling halos to the chrome floor vinyl. The thoughtful details even went as far as the shoe racks, which we custom-built and finished to replicate candy racks.

Project Highlight

Infinity mirrors are a fun design element with engaging results. We came up with creative solutions to engineer and build the four seamless infinity mirror pedestals that drew customers into the “convenience” store. The mirrors reflected light to mimic the bright look of a late-night trip to the bodega and made the space seem larger. Using the infinity mirror technique to reflect the primary-colored LED lighting gave the appearance of bright neon store signage.

Routing power to the middle of the store for the pedestal displays was the most significant engineering and installation hurdle. Each location required a different solution to light up the two planes of multicolored LED elements. We used some fancy footwork for each store to link power sources and hid all of the unsightly wires for a clean look that was safe for customers to navigate.
Collaborating as a team, we delivered a final product that looked identical to the creative render on a tight turnaround. Our team engineered, fabricated, and installed the campaign at four store locations and shipped components to 90 stores nationwide in just eight days.
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