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Design plays a crucial role in shaping the visual landscape of product marketing, brand expression, and environmental spaces. By intentionally staffing a team of designers with diverse specialties – 3D environmental, industrial, graphic, and production – Infinity Images is able to provide thorough expertise and innovative solutions for a wide variety of creative projects. Our designers take a 360 approach, considering branding and theming, interactive elements, layout and functionality, lighting, color and materials, dimension, and digital integration. Regardless of your industry, our team will work directly with your team to create original designs that bring full brand experiences to life.

We can also take client-provided creative content and extend the design to other locations or project applications. Whether we use your branding to create a seasonal retail activation or an influencer seeding kit, our creative team delivers fresh designs that are guaranteed to wow your audience.

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2D Graphic Design

While flat graphics won’t physically jump out at you, their design can still be equally impactful. Our designers create print-ready designs for 2D graphic needs of any variety: wall coverings, retail storefronts, stadium banners, tradeshow booth backdrops, print marketing materials, lawn signs, and more.

3D Design

Our team of experienced 3D designers use advanced CAD and modeling software to bring dimension to your project. Then, to help you better visualize the final concept, they’ll provide 3D renders, fly-through animations, and/or detailed schematics.

Digital Graphics

Bringing online campaigns into the physical world ensures continuous storytelling across brand touch points. By incorporating TV screens, our design team effectively weaves digital campaigns into retail and environmental projects. We can work with existing campaign assets or design brand-new digital content.

Design Extension

It’s your artwork – we’re here to help bring it to life. Our design team can extend your existing assets for any application. We’ll take your creative content and adapt it for various sizes, mediums, and materials.

Featured Project

Super Bowl LVIII Retail Display

In collaboration with engineering, our production and 3D environmental designers cooked up a stacked roster of campaign assets that spanned from floor to ceiling. Inspired by the famous “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign, we created an elevated two-sided dimensional lit Super Bowl LVIII sign surrounded by a custom mannequin platform cluster that became the overall display centerpiece. Flanking the sign were two custom mannequin platforms with powder-coated steel and printed acrylic panels that each housed 11 custom-painted Nike footballs. We also created six custom 9.5-foot-tall wardrobe lockers with LED accents and acrylic merchandise shelving, six custom shoppable shirt shelf fixtures, two 8-foot-tall double-sided lit Silicone Edge Graphics (SEGs), a programmable 6-foot-wide acrylic backlit logo, wall and window graphics, and a separate Air Max display that featured four footwear pedestals and an acrylic-encased digital countdown clock. To make shoppers feel like they were walking on a football field, we produced 1,000 square feet of turf with printed field lines, yardage markers, the NFL shield, and a Nike swoosh. Then, to round out the display, our team designed a 31-foot-wide hanging “halo” representative of Allegiant Stadium that framed the activation.

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