Precise cutting separates good graphics from exceptional graphics. We specialize in repeatably clean edges for large quantities on a grand format scale.
With an array of cutting services, we provide efficient and precise cutting options for your print projects. Plastic, aluminum, vinyl, acrylic, foam, or wood – we can handle any retail display or sign material at varying thicknesses.
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Our digital Zünd cutters have several attachments that allow us to knife cut, perf cut or router basic and complex contoured elements for materials up to two inches thick. Thinking thicker? Our CNC router handles materials up to six inches thick with the ability to achieve dimensional multi-layered routing. For finer detail work, we use laser cutting to produce defined contours, polished edges, and intricate etching.  
Cutting supports more than flat graphics and signs. We can cut and score materials to bring them into the third dimension. From product boxes to stand-alone displays, your material of choice can be cut and folded into engaging 3D objects.

Oregon State Football Hall of Fame

Yes, we'll even cut football helmets in half. To achieve this effect, we used special tools to cut the 36 NFL helmets. All helmets had to be cut precisely in half to hang correctly and fit within the designated space.

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