July 11, 2023

Custom Interior Lighting Solutions

We’re big fans of utilizing purposeful, custom lighting to enhance indoor graphics and dimensional displays. Since our beginnings in 2000, Infinity Images has grown, expanding our services and capabilities as we hired increasingly skilled staff and purchased top-notch production equipment. Today, we specialize in four areas of work – environmental, retail, specialty fabrication, and large-scale events – and custom lighting can take projects of each type to the next level. Besides providing general visibility, intentional lighting can draw viewers in, tell them where to focus their attention, define a space, add dimension, and amplify campaign or company branding. Whether you need a permanent sign with lit dimensional letters or a backlit SEG for a seasonal retail campaign, our team can design and integrate fully customized UL-certified lighting into your projects. Read on to learn more about the specific types of lighting we specialize in and how we might light up your next big idea.


Backlit SEGs (Silicone Edge Graphics) and light boxes are either a fabric graphic with a silicone gasket sewn around the perimeter edge, or a flexible PET film, each utilizing a frame system, enclosing and hiding the backlighting and its required wiring. The frame transforms flat graphics into 3D statement pieces that can be hung on a wall or secured to the floor. Backlit SEGs create a higher contrast, attention-grabbing visual experience in daylight and even more so in low-light environments, making it the perfect graphic lighting solution for commercial interior décor, retail stores, pop-ups, and tradeshows. Our team will handle your custom project from start to finish, including printing and sewing the graphic, frame engineering, implementation of lighting and electrical requirements, and installation of the finished product.



Two truths and a lie. One, nothing’s better than free advertising. Two, customers love taking and posting selfies in front of creative LED signs. And three, you shouldn’t care about either. Of course, you should care, that’s why we engineer and fabricate everything from simple LED signs to more complex color-controlled solutions, perfect for all types of environments: corporate headquarters, retail stores, athletic facilities, car showrooms, and more. Whether you’re interested in simple logo highlights or complicated full-wall pieces, we’ll partner with you to tie your brand together with fully customized lettering and lighting.


Interactive digital walls are a wonderful way to incorporate movement and variability in both environmental and retail spaces. Screens come in a variety of sizes, and can be mounted to a wall or be free-standing in a custom-designed and fabricated frame. Graphics are accessible via local or cloud-based interface allowing easy client updating of daily or seasonal marketing messaging. If this sounds like the solution for you, our engineering team will develop a robust infrastructure, coordinating with industry professionals to unobtrusively bring power and connectivity, giving you a system with a one-time cost that provides limitless changeability.


Customer attention spans have grown short, so finding more creative ways to create eye-catching retail displays is vital to stand out in an oversaturated market. In addition to adding dimension and complexity, we’ve found strategic and engaging lighting to be a successful strategy. Among our ever-expanding tool chest of lighting options, here are a few of our favorites: edge-lighting, face-lighting, halo-lighting, bottom-lighting, LED infinity mirror lighting, LED screens (as mentioned above); all can be added to any number of displays, your creativity is the only limitation — and access to a power source, of course. At the onset of the project, we will discuss all the requirements needed to brighten your vivid imagination, bringing your display to life.


When you want to make a statement to a top-tier client or attract a highly sought-after influencer, seeding kits are a powerful direct marketing tool to consider. Seeding kits are a custom gift you send to preferred recipients that usually go beyond a simple box with your product and business card inside. To really grab attention, why not fabricate a hardwood box inlaid with your logo, a velvet interior with custom-shaped cubbies specifically shaped to hold your product and swag, diffused LED lighting, and motion-activated sound? All ideas are on the table and our engineers will work with you to come up with a truly unique product, simple to complex, big or small, that will astound those who receive it.

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