August 17, 2022

What "Big Ideas. No Limits." Means to Us

Infinity Images is a family-owned small business with an enormous set of capabilities. “Infinity” of “Infinity Images” points to the limitlessness of our brand. “What does that mean?” you say. “Aren’t you a printing company?” Well, yes and no. Yes, we still print, and we have quite a bit of equipment to support that. But we now go well beyond just print.  
As our clients’ needs have evolved, we have expanded our services to meet those needs. However, many clients are still not aware of how we can help beyond what they customarily ask us to provide. We wanted to draw attention to our expansion beyond our print origins. So, as part of our rebranding over the last few years, we added the tagline “Big Ideas. No Limits.” This nods to our ability to bring new ideas for you to consider: original designs, unique displays, unusual materials, 3D elements, and more.
Below are some recent projects that required creative thinking and innovative fabrication. Some of these eye-catching displays are one of a kind while others were made by the hundreds, but all of them required various amounts of creative design, engineering, printing, cutting, fabrication, shipping, and installation.
And if you have penciled your own napkin sketch of a BIG IDEA and wonder how to bring it to life with NO LIMITS, reach out to us!


We had the opportunity to create six large mesh hollow sculptures of artifacts and animals for the Chicago Field Museum. We started by creating a digital 3D model to define the shape and dimension of each figure. Then, we made molds by digitally cutting and stacking half-inch Infinity (we love that material 😉) boards to build the desired shape. Onto the molds, we hand-stitched and shaped the wire mesh to create the unusual sculptures. After removing the Infinity board, we set the now hollow sculptures into custom-built frames so that they appeared to be stepping out from the store walls. Finally, we finished the pieces by installing lights behind the sculptures, casting vibrant and colorful shadows that mimicked other components of our work throughout the museum. Check out the case study for an overview of the full project. This project was done in partnership with Fiction Design.


Nike reached out to us with a request to create a digital space using multiple displays in their Woodburn, OR store. Two of the elements were TV column surrounds. Using the results of our site survey, we determined the best placement and how to unobtrusively bring power and connectivity. We sourced six 82-inch Samsung TVs, three for each of the two displays. They are mounted vertically in our custom-designed and fabricated metal triangular frame composed of powder-coated steel tubing. The resultant displays are built to last and showcase cloud-based graphics that the client can access and change in accordance with seasonal activations and digital moments.


Infinity (😇) mirror retail displays combine engineering and design to create an optical illusion that draws the customer in. They are made utilizing clear acrylic and reflective mirrors to create a never-ending, repeating image in a confined space. In this case, internal lighting mounted at the face of the acrylic appears to be floating within the display. The colors of the LED lighting can be changed using WIFI controllers enabling store associates to conform the lighted display to the product they want to merchandise. Check out the case study for a full overview of this project.



During the remodel of the Nike community store on MLK Boulevard in our hometown of Portland, we were tasked to create a grand display and had the opportunity to work with the construction company throughout the process. The final product is a 125-foot long, three-view lenticular wall display spanning the width of the store.

Before moving to production, we created a digital fly-through so the client could visualize and approve of the concept. Our engineering team then developed a system of aluminum fins cleated onto the wall. Our finishing department wrapped the three exposed sides of each fin with separate images printed on adhesive vinyl to form three different messages or images depending on where in the store it is viewed. The three images all refer to Portland, the store location. More than 30 four-foot sections were needed to cover the wall, and our installation team mounted them in just four days! Check out the case study for a full overview of this project.


We Portlanders are very proud of our highly rated airport, PDX. The Port of Portland asked us to create multi-media displays to draw International Portland Airport travelers’ attention to the building’s new eco-friendly roof project. The stand-out feature was the interactive “looker-listener” sculpture set.

Our goal was sleek yet sturdy pieces that would look whimsical while surviving heavy foot traffic and use. We incorporated the TV screens provided by the client and added speakers that were triggered by a motion sensor, creating our own hardware to successfully engineer the integration. Our finishing department powder-coated the metal structures with vinyl to give them a bright pop of color. A trap door on the back allows the client to change content as their construction campaign media evolves.

The five looker-listeners can be found in the corridor between concourses B and C, between concourses D and E, and in the badging office. Take a look (and listen) next time you’re passing through Portland Airport! There’s more to the space than just the carpet.


The Nike Unite 2021 Holiday display was one of the most intense builds we’ve made to date because of the sheer number of elements and locations within a compressed delivery schedule. Each of the 194 store displays throughout the US and Puerto Rico contained over 20 uniquely sized and patterned boxes that were created by our design department. We used custom tinted mirrored acrylic and various paper materials for the boxes requiring color matching across multiple substrates to conform to the rest of the display. While the boxes look casually placed, each was carefully cut out and welded to fit into the overall display puzzle. Everything was assembled on-site by the installation teams, so we developed a labeling system to ensure consistency and success at stores across the country. Check out the case study for a full overview of this project.

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