Nike Unite Store Remodel

Nike Factory Store
Community-driven design was key to the floor-to-ceiling remodels of Nike Unite stores. We worked with the client to create environmental graphics and interactive displays to celebrate the local athlete.
Nike asked us to produce exterior and interior graphics and displays for a new retail concept, Nike Unite, at stores across the country. The nationwide rollout began in our hometown of Portland.
Our work began with site surveys, 3D modeling, and renderings to ensure all graphic and dimensional elements were produced accurately. We then printed and installed interior and exterior graphics throughout the store.
Look around, and you’ll find several nods to locale. Acrylic maps of Portland flank the walls and are adorned with bright orange acrylic lettering, all hand finished and assembled by our team. A custom museum case displays a time capsule of Trail Blazer memorabilia and community history.      

Project Highlight

If you're in Portland, head to MLK Jr. Boulevard to experience our work and pick up a new fit. The lenticular wall is unique to this location. Individually printed components were wrapped around aluminum panels to create the effect of three different images. Our team installed this 125-foot display in just four days.

The stand-out feature is the lenticular wall that spans the width of the store. Depending on where you’re standing in the space, the lenticular displays one of three images. The interactive feature was concepted, modeled, engineered, produced, and installed by our team.
The remodeled store opened to a line around the block in November 2020. We are excited to have been a part of making this fresh new retail concept for our Portland community to enjoy for years to come.
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