April 26, 2024

Increase Your Brand’s Impact with Custom Seeding Kits

In an oversaturated market, seeding kits are a powerful direct marketing strategy when competing for the attention of high-profile consumers. Whether you’d like to impress a celebrity, professional athlete, social media influencer, or simply thank and/or remind your current clients of the benefits of your ongoing professional relationship, seeding kits are a creative way to present your brand and product(s) to people you’d like to impress.


Seeding kits are a highly customized way for a brand to package and deliver their product to specialty individuals. They can range from simple to incredibly detailed and complex but always involve a container sized to perfectly house and showcase a product.
Sports brands, electronic retailers, design agencies, marketing agencies, and fulfillment and activation businesses are all companies that frequently find success with this direct marketing strategy. We’ve designed, produced, and shipped seeding kits to professional athletes, celebrity singers and actors, and social media influencers. We’ve also created them for non-famous recipients like a company’s board of directors or existing clients (including our own each holiday season!). The goal might be to attract new customers, gain publicity on social media, or thank someone for being a client.



Seeding kits are always specifically designed for your unique branding and product, giving you an opportunity to go creatively wild. We can design your piece using specialty printing effects, unique colors, and translucent materials that highlight and give dimension. There are countless materials on the table. We’ve created seeding kits out of acrylic, wood, paper-wrapped chipboard, color-shifting vinyl, top-opening “happy-meal” style corrugated boxes, and even insulated coolers (pictured)! Why not create fabric bags using translucent textiles? Inspire whimsy by fabricating custom-sized product nesting slots or pull-out shelves. Follow the white rabbit down the hole to Wonderland and line your container with a never-ending Infinity mirror. Or wow them with Hollywood-like effects, such as a temperature-controlled microclimate with dry ice and motion-activated sound and lighting. Your recipients will love it – AND want to show everyone they know. Free publicity? Yes, please!
Once everything is built, we can organize and personalize shipments to unique recipients, from one to 1,000 or more. These customizations can feature specific clothing sizes, custom personalized engravings, or unique discount codes for your prized beneficiary. The design and scope all depend on your budget, audience, and the kind of experience you’d like your recipients to have.


We recognize the term “seeding kit” isn’t universally known. While we hope our description painted a pretty good picture of what seeding kits are and can look like, we figured some actual project photos might help! Browse a few of our kits from over the years and get in touch if you’d like to collaborate on your own. We’d love to help you grow your brand’s impact.

Hailey Bieber’s seeding kit from Vogue Eyewear boasted product nesting slots, drawers, pull-out shelves, and switch LED lighting.

Arnette’s seeding kit for Zayn Malik sported two-way Infinity mirrors, layered acrylic, specialty printing, pull drawers, and battery-powered LED lights.

Arnette’s sunglasses travel kit for Zayne featured a customretractable storage system with magnetic closure and a travel strap.

Xbox requested custom packaging to safely house their Los Angeles Lakers 75th-anniversary edition console and controller, with 30 unique access codes for their ballin’ recipients.

Gamifying fashion, Xbox’s seeding kits for Burberry were designed to snugly hold custom-branded consoles and controllers while discreetly hiding the wiring.

Over 500 “happy-meal” style boxes, each containing a stuffed chicken plushie tagged with a custom Xbox code, went out to gamers across the country.

Over a hundred of our top clients received our 2021 holiday gift box, containing a variety of branded local products packaged in sustainable materials.

This past winter, we sent an intricately designed cabin box to 115 of our top clients, filled with everything they’d need for a cozy night in.

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