September 16, 2022

Why You Should Choose an SGP-Certified Printing Facility

Receiving the Sustainable Green Printing (SGP) Certification is no walk in the park. As one of only 61 SGP-certified printers in the entire country(!), we take care to incorporate pollution prevention, energy savings, material reuse, and recycling into all aspects of our business. Why should this matter to you? In an industry that by nature produces bulk product, our clients are able to boast big graphics while still meeting their company’s sustainability goals. And if their campaigns end and they want to switch graphics up, we collect and properly dispose of recyclable materials so that everything gets a second life.

To become SGP certified, a printing facility must implement and operate a robust sustainability management system (SMS) based on SGP’s certification criteria. SMS elements include developing an annual continuous improvement project; establishing a formal staff-led sustainability committee; conducting bi-annual environmental, safety, health, and energy audits; implementing mandatory best practices; and reporting data elements through the SGP Impact Tracker.
The qualifications are vast, but they also make for dry reading. 😅 We’ll spare you the intricacies but you can find them here if you’re a fan of the details. What’s NOT dry, however, is the impact we’ve made as a certified facility under the Sustainable Printing Partnership for the past 14 years. Check out our ♻️ stats!
  • 100% of our energy usage comes from renewable resources
  • 1,445 reams of paper saved since switching to a paperless production workflow in 2019
  • 10,985 pounds of plastic scrap material recycled in the past year
  • 4.5 tons of expanded PVC recycled this year
  • 7 years with motion-sensing LED facility lights
  • 15 years of offering eco-friendly product alternatives for clients
  • 55% reduction in facility energy usage since 2017
  • 76% reduction in landfill production since 2017
  • 100% post-consumer recycled content paper is used in our office copiers and printers
  • 5 years of producing bubble wrap, shipping boxes, and packing paper on-demand
  • 14 years partnering with SmartWay certified shipping companies

Most importantly, we offer an array of green material options to help our clients meet their sustainable print marketing goals. Whether you choose from one of our 20+ stocked green products or are looking for bespoke sustainable print solutions, we'll work with you to find the best material for your job. If we’re speaking your language, let’s chat!

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