March 17, 2023

Everything You Need to Know About Floor Graphics

Ranging from practical to playful purposes, floor graphics are an impactful extension of brand marketing for both interior and exterior environments. Our clients use them to advertise outside or within a retail store, supplement POP displays, provide directions within their building (wayfinding graphics), announce product or campaign launches, as commercial interior décor, tradeshow booth branding, or even for safety. We’ve produced and installed floor graphics for customers in retail (Driveway, Nike, and Columbia), local artists (Mike Bennett), corporate offices (Daimler Trucks North America, Nike WHQ, and Adidas Village), athletic facilities (Climate Pledge Arena), and more. If you’re looking to extend your branding to the floor, the info below should get you started. Once you’ve perused it, contact us and we’ll hit the (soon to be branded) ground running!


Indoor and outdoor ground surfaces vary greatly, as do the materials that can (or can’t) be applied to them. We can successfully apply floor graphics to natural or waxed wood, carpet, sealed or polished concrete, standard or mosaic tile, marble, and asphalt. But many factors need to be considered when working with different surfaces. For example, graphics applied to carpets need to be thicker and feature a stronger laminate so that high heels don’t puncture the material, and graphics applied to sealed concrete will require a less aggressive adhesive that won’t spall the concrete if the graphic is removed. Our staff will ask about the intended purpose for the floor graphic – duration, placement, surface, and expected foot and/or vehicle traffic – and then recommend material options.



We can match the floor graphic(s) to your brand colors or other elements in the space. Most floor materials have a white base, but for specific applications, we can produce clear graphics so that the floor will show through. We stock both matte and glossy clear laminate finishes to either control for or enhance light reflection depending on the design intent, though sometimes traffic, placement, and safety concerns may reduce the options available.



From temporary displays to long-term branding, we pride ourselves on producing and installing high-quality, durable floor graphics. All of our floor graphics last a minimum of six months, but some can last several years or even be permanent. Longevity (life span) depends on a multitude of factors: graphic size, ground surface, amount of foot traffic, location (interior vs. exterior), material, and laminate. Please be sure to talk with your account manager about your specific needs so we can select the best material for your application. 
All floor graphic materials are non-skid, slip resistant, water resistant, and (almost always) laminated. Ground surface, graphic material and lifespan/timeline are considered when determining the best material for each project. Among other concerns, we strategically pick materials based on their adhesives to be compatible with the floor surface to ensure that there’s no damage to the ground if/when the graphics are deinstalled. All of our floor graphics use Underwriters Laboratories-tested laminates to ensure safety.
While we offer weather resistant substrates, exposure to the elements reduces the life of outdoor floor graphics – rain can seep under the material and erode at the adhesive and edges over time. Exterior graphics should still last up to six months, with higher end specialty materials lasting up to one year.
Note: All floor graphics should be periodically inspected to avoid trip or slip hazards due to damage, especially on the perimeter of the graphic.


Floor graphics are relatively easy to maintain. We primarily recommend damp mopping, but any type of floor maintenance should not affect the graphic if care and attention are paid to its edges. Make sure to not subject the decal to heavy saturation with water or cleaning solutions. Automatic floor scrubber cleaners can cause significant edge damage with rotating brushes. If you must use this cleaning method, please do so with care around the graphic to extend life and minimize edge tearing. Avoid pressure washing outdoor graphics as that will speed up the erosion process.


Many factors are involved in the selection, production, and installation of floor graphics, all of which affect pricing. A short conversation or description of the project is enough for our team to identify the material and process needed to generate a quote. Beyond the factors listed above, we’ll also need to know who is responsible for installation, when it can be done (during normal business hours or before/after), if it’s new construction or a brand refresh, and if removal of existing graphics is involved. If you’d like a project quote, please contact us or talk to your existing Infinity Images representative. We can’t wait to work with you!

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