September 18, 2023

Wow-Worthy Interior Décor for Your Commercial Space

Well-designed and inviting décor is part of a well-thought-through brand. Whether your space is a government building, corporate headquarters, art showroom, athletic facility, or something entirely different, intentional environmental graphics are key to attracting and bolstering guest confidence (as well as assisting with employee retention, allegiance, and comfort!). Beautiful, functional spaces make people feel good, work efficiently, and improve your company’s favorability. Lucky for you, we’re pros at helping brands bring their space to life. Whether it’s a newly built environment or the refresh of an existing one, we offer a variety of bespoke solutions to meet your branding, budget, and project goals.


Between the ceiling, walls and flooring, commercial spaces have almost limitless interior décor possibilities. Wall graphics and/or murals are a consistently impactful component across environmental applications, immersing the viewer in your chosen visuals and messaging. Dimensional components – like logos, lightboxes, interactive displays and fixtures, framed wall graphics, and other custom-fabricated 3D elements – energize the space, inviting the viewer into an engaging and brand-centric environment. We also have a bevy of glass and window treatments, including privacy and security vinyl applications and clear and opaque printed graphics that are perfect for all types of glass, including office dividers, and interior or exterior windows. Ceiling details can include lighting, hanging architectural elements, and sound absorption solutions. Then, when you look down, non-skid floor graphics and other durable flooring options are an effective opportunity for messaging and safety features. Rounding out our service, we offer custom cabinetry and fixture solutions, interactive and audio/video displays, LED lighting, fabric components (e.g.: curtains and pull curtains), and wayfinding signage to help your clientele and/or employees navigate the company’s fresh new interior décor.


Environmental graphics are more than just aesthetically pleasing (though that matters too, of course!). They define a space, set the tone, and guide people through it. Effective commercial interior décor provides wayfinding and directional instructions, communicates brand identity, tells the company history, enables spatial privacy, and engages the viewer’s attention (often through large-scale statement wall art). Thoughtful use of materials, visuals, and mood, can increase guest and employee safety and comfort, enhancing their experience on your “turf,” whatever that may look like.


As you (hopefully) already know, we offer a variety of in-house services: creative design, 3D engineering, large-format printing, digital cutting, fabrication, hand finishing and installation, all directed by our expert project managers. Your account representative will work with you to determine which services you need, and then we’ll kick off the project with a 360-degree approach: first, we’ll understand your goals and how you’d like the space to be used, then our team will immerse ourselves in your brand identity, and finally, we’ll survey each available surface – ceiling, walls, flooring – for usability. Many of our corporate clients come to us with completed and approved designs from an architect or internal marketing department, so if that’s the case for you, our prepress department will ensure that your creative is sized perfectly to match the as-built dimensions.

Already have a unique metal, wood, or glass you’d like us to use? Hoping to incorporate substrates that will qualify for LEED credits? Choosing the right materials is one of the most critical steps in the process. Whether you want sustainable options or are looking for a more cost-effective route, our sourcing experts will work with you to find the perfect materials for your unique project goals.


Is your space indoors or outdoors? What level of durability does your project need? Are people going to touch the décor elements, or will the components need to be protected? We can consult on these and many more important details that can take your project to the next level. For example, noise-canceling materials, anti-slip flooring, accessibility/usability considerations, ADA codes, lighting types, PVC-free products for sterile environments (e.g.: medical buildings), corner guard protections, and product lifespan and cleaning requirements are all topics we can help you consider.

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