December 8, 2022

A Peek Behind the Scenes into Creating Our Living Hinge Lamps

At the end of each calendar year, we gift our wonderful clients with holiday boxes to thank them for choosing us as their graphics partner. Historically, we’ve filled each box with several smaller Infinity Images-branded items – tumblers, coasters, a keychain, an ornament, etc. – but this year, we decided to take a different approach. Our goal was to create a singular, more premium gift that showcased our array of production capabilities while prioritizing sustainability and everyday usability.
A few months back, our research and development department introduced our designers to laser-cut “living hinge” MDF – a specific design and cutting process that allowed for a rigid substrate to bend to a desired shape. How cool! And what better spotlight for it (pun intended 😉) than our end-of-year client gift?
From design and 3D engineering to printing, cutting, fabrication, handwork and kitting, our custom living hinge lamps were crafted by Infinity Images crew members from every single creative and production department. Without completely giving our process away, we recorded some behind-the-scenes footage for your viewing pleasure. Check it out, and if you want a lamp for yourself, make sure to follow us on Instagram and stay tuned for a giveaway in January 2023!

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