December 19, 2022

Adobe Type 1 Fonts are No More!

Some big changes are happening within Adobe Creative Cloud products that may affect your art files. 😬 Starting January 1, 2023, Adobe will no longer support TrueType fonts (.ttf). TrueType fonts – also known as Type 1, PostScript, PS1, T1, Adobe Type 1, Multiple Master, or MM – are a format within the font industry that has been replaced by larger glyph sets. This change means that if you are currently using a Type 1 font in art files created within an Adobe application (Illustrator, InDesign, or Photoshop), you will need to replace them with an OpenType font (.otf) before we’ll be able to print the file. This change applies to both new art files and old ones. If you ask us to de-archive an old art file that includes a Type 1 font, we will no longer be able to print it as-is. We can arrange for your file to be re-designed or sent back to you to be fixed. 
In anticipation of additional questions you might have, we’ve summarized the information from this Adobe help article below. If you have any further questions, please reach out to your Infinity Images project manager.


What will happen to documents using Type 1 fonts after January 1, 2023?

Adobe applications will not recognize the presence of Type 1 fonts, even if you have Type 1 fonts installed in your desktop operating system. This means that:
  • Type 1 fonts will not appear in the Fonts menu
  • There would be no way to use previously installed Type 1 fonts
  • Existing Type 1 fonts will appear as “Missing fonts” in the document

What will happen to files with embedded Type 1 fonts?

Type 1 fonts embedded in EPS and PDF file types will be unaffected by this change as long as they are outlined as graphic elements. If those files are opened for editing in applications such as Illustrator, InDesign, or Photoshop, they will trigger a “Missing fonts” error.

Where can I obtain OpenType versions of Adobe-owned fonts?

Many fonts published by Adobe Type in the past (such as Adobe Originals) are available from the AdobeFonts service for free with your Creative Cloud subscription. Perpetual licenses for these and other OpenType format fonts published by Adobe are available for purchase from Adobe’s partner Fontspring.


How can I upgrade my third-party Type 1 fonts?

Users who purchased Type 1 fonts not owned by Adobe should contact the font foundry that published the font(s) to learn whether an upgrade path to the OpenType format is available.


Can I convert my Type 1 font files to a supported format?

Converting Type 1 fonts to the OpenType format is possible but not recommended. Additionally, converting your files may be prohibited by the font foundry’s End User License Agreement. Please consult the license agreement or contact the foundry directly for more information.


How will Acrobat handle PDFs that use Type 1 fonts?

No changes are being made to Acrobat. Acrobat PDFs with embedded fonts will display as intended. However, if a Type 1 font is used but not embedded, the font will be automatically substituted with the next closest match according to Acrobat’s font substitution table and the available fonts.
Please also be aware that if there is an OpenType font of the same name as your previous Type 1 font, it may be a bit different in look, kerning, leading, etc. This could lead to text boxes in pre-existing documents to become empty.

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