August 17, 2023

On a Tight Deadline?

We help our clients plan their graphics projects for months (or even years) in advance. More importantly, we're here for those tight deadlines and quick turnarounds. We at Infinity Images care deeply about providing fast and accurate services to help our clients achieve their graphic goals. A dedicated account director and project manager will assess your needs, schedule necessary resources, and provide you with a realistic schedule to meet your deadline. We’re experts in the many factors and phases of producing and delivering graphics on time and on budget, but, as the saying goes, teamwork makes the dream work. Certain ways of partnering with us will ensure a more efficient process. Below is a list of seven project components we’ll need to bring your vision to life.


A successful project requires accurately set up art files (and sometimes engineering drawings). Our How to Successfully Submit Art Files blog lists the appropriate file creation software to use, image resolution, image bleed and color space requirements, and font usage. We’ll also ask that you submit detailed instructions for the desired outcome, including color-matching requirements and the finished size of your project. Once you’ve created your art to our specifications, compile all elements needed and hand them off to your Infinity Images account representative. They’ll take it from there.

Don’t have print-ready assets? Need some creative guidance? Our design department can handle that! We offer a full suite of design services that includes extending your current graphic brand to different formats and sizes to creating brand-new looks from scratch. Graphic design, interactive experiences, 3D visualizations, or video content for marketing, retail, event, or corporate environments are all in our wheelhouse. We also have a team of talented product and display engineers who transform concepts into 3D elements. If you need a project to be designed by our team, please plan for an additional 1-3 weeks of creative design proofing, prototyping, and approvals.


Knowing the full scope – quantity, sizes, graphic type, whether installation is needed, etc. – and budget of a project allows us to plan a production schedule, procure materials, identify if any external partners will need to be involved, accurately quote a price for a project, and give a realistic timeline for delivery and installation. Depending on our production schedule, flat graphics will generally take us 1-5 business days. More complex projects that require custom or large amounts of materials or outsourced products, vendors, and installation services, will take an additional 1-3 weeks. A kick-off meeting, to discuss the entire scope of needed resources for any project, will help ensure we plan accordingly and meet your required timeline.


Oftentimes there will be different people that manage different project components. One person might manage creative approvals, while another oversees budget approvals, and a third is the facility or site manager needed for installation scheduling. When you submit the project request to your Infinity Images account representative, please make sure to provide the names, phone numbers and/or emails, and roles of all project stakeholders so that we know exactly who to contact for each step of the process.


To ensure the art is correctly sized, the space or fixtures where the graphics will live need to be fully measured and understood. For example, if you want a wall mural, all dimensions of the wall need to be detailed, as well as any obstructions on the wall (doors, windows, outlets, light switches, etc.), and wall conditions (patching, fresh paint, etc.). If your graphic features lighting or needs to hang, we will need to know the ceiling heights, hang points, and how to access an electricity source.

If the location is under construction or is being remodeled, it must be completed before we can come in and install your new graphic. Painted walls and floors need to be dry and properly cured, assuring wall graphics will adhere properly. Areas need to be dry, clean, dust-free, and accessible. And hardware – like windows and doors or fixtures that receive graphics – must be present. These things seem obvious but are sometimes overlooked!

Our blog Partnering with Our Install Team for a Seamless Project Installation provides a deeper dive into how best to work with us to ensure an efficient install.


Ironically, one of the stumbling blocks to keeping to a timeline is not our ability to move fast or the size of large-scope projects, but getting fast approvals from clients. Many of our clients, you may be one of them, are large corporations with deep management structures. Knowing up front who the decision-makers are to get timely approvals is crucial to keeping to a set schedule. No matter how fast we are, if we aren’t approved to proceed, we won’t, and the clock keeps ticking. It is very important to make sure stakeholders and decision-makers know to be timely in their review and be present when approvals are needed. Check out our blog Your Guide to Reviewing Art Proofs for instructions on using our electronic art proofing software.


Whether a project is local or needs to travel around the world, there are often many considerations to assure success. Weather, traffic, access (ex: only Monday through Friday during business hours), and the size of the package or pallet must be considered when scheduling a delivery. If we are trying to deliver to a controlled entry building or facility, arrangements must be made in advance. If delivering an oversized graphic or pallet, a loading dock or large enough entryway should be available to receive the shipment. If it is not, we’ll need to discuss how you’d like us to get your project to you. Sometimes that means shipping in pieces and assembling onsite.

National and international deliveries have different requirements and complexities to consider. Differences between shipping companies, ground vs. air shipping, necessity for transshipment logistics, customs, duties, and tariffs are all factors that need to be addressed. Rest assured; our logistics team will expertly handle the necessary details when shipping your project.


Is a retail campaign launching? Do you have a gallery opening? Is there a company-wide event? When is the team’s opening game? Our clients’ industries range, but a deadline is a deadline. If you’ve got a date that the project must be completed by, make sure to let your account representative know as soon as possible. They’ll create a build-back timeline for all stages of production to keep everything on schedule in advance of your big day. 

Disclaimer: Depending on the turnaround time needed, a rush fee may be applied to the job.

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