January 23, 2024

Ready, Set, Ship!

When we say planes, trains, and automobiles, you might think we’re referring to the hilarious Steve Martin and John Candy comedy of the late 80s. In actuality, we’re talking about the shipping method for your graphics project, and to us, that’s no laughing matter. We know that fulfillment isn’t the most exciting step in our process, but we’d argue it’s one of the most important. Delivering on time and in perfect condition is crucial to the success of your project, and there’s a lot more information our logistics and shipping crews will need besides the delivery address.
So… help us help you! Below is a list of essential details you’ll want to be ready to share with your Infinity Images account representative. Once we’ve got the shipping information, our fulfillment team will hit the ground running, ensuring that your graphics are transported to their new home just in time for the holiday, campaign launch, retail activation, or event they’ll be celebrating.


How quickly do you need your project to arrive? Geographical distance, weather, traffic, size, weight of the package(s), and your budget are all factors that can impact the delivery timeline. If you’ve got a date that your project must arrive by, let your Infinity Images project manager know so they can determine the best shipping method.


Who will be responsible for getting your project to its final destination?

Client Pickup

If you or someone from your company plans to pick up the finished pieces from our Portland facility, you’ll need to ensure the package(s) will fit inside your vehicle. This small consideration is sometimes overlooked. Pro tip: A four-foot by four-foot rigid graphic will be challenging to get into any car or small SUV. Measure your trunk space and talk to your Infinity Images account representative to save yourself a trip.
If your project is large, our shipping team may plan to pack the components on a pallet. If they do and you still intend to pick them up, you must ensure you have an appropriate vehicle. See the next section for details.
Please also make sure to have the Infinity Images project job number handy! Dozens of projects leave our facility every day – sometimes several for the same client – so our fulfillment crew will need that unique number to find yours amongst the stacks of outgoing boxes.

Client Arranged Delivery Service

If you set up a pickup service for your project, please provide us with the company name, and we’ll be sure to have the project ready for them. The same considerations regarding the size and height of the vehicle are in play. You will also need to provide your courier/delivery service with our shop’s address (5600 NE Hassalo Street, Portland, OR 97213). As stated above, please be sure to provide them with the Infinity Images project job number so there is no confusion on which boxes they will be receiving.
If your project is on a pallet, your delivery service vehicle will need to be dock high (43 inches) and be able to offload the shipment via a loading dock or using a pallet lift. Access to the final shipping destination – e.g., a building or warehouse – will require an entry door large enough to accommodate the payload, so we recommend measuring or knowing the opening size in advance. If your project will be shipped to a location without a loading dock, talk with your Infinity Images project manager about possible workarounds.

Infinity Arranged Delivery Service

We are glad to handle the logistics, and we usually do. If you have a preferred commercial shipper you’d like to use – for example, UPS or FedEx – please provide us with your account information so that your account can be billed directly. Sometimes, companies have different ground and air freight account numbers, so be sure to give the correct number! Alternatively, if you do not have an established account with a shipping company, we can use our shipping service and build the cost into your invoice.
Please note that once a shipment leaves our facility, we cannot control when it will arrive. At that stage, we advise our clients to look up the shipping status using the provided tracking number. If you’d like a top-tier shipment experience, a dedicated truck transporting nothing but your project will be the safest and often fastest method. The premium service comes with a premium price tag. Talk to your Infinity Images account representative if this is of interest.



There are frequently different people who manage various project components. We always recommend designating someone as the receiving contact so your shipment can be inspected and signed for upon delivery. If we deliver locally in the Portland Metro area by courier, they frequently will only take the shipment with a contact person’s name. So, please provide your Infinity Images project manager with a name and phone number.


Local and national, or even international, shipping destinations require different considerations.

Local Delivery

If we deliver to a controlled entry building or facility, we’ll need an appropriate address and hours of operation for the business and/or receiving dock. Additionally, if we’re delivering an oversized graphic or pallet, a loading dock or large enough entryway should be available to receive the shipment. If not, we will need to discuss how you’d like us to package your project. Sometimes, that means shipping in smaller pieces and assembling onsite. 
As mentioned above, we strongly recommend that you identify a receiving contact. Once the courier has been arranged, your Infinity Images project manager will alert you to the estimated delivery date and time. If an installation team will be waiting to meet the delivery, the receiving contact should be prepared to bring those two parties together and grant the installers access to the installation location.

National and International Delivery

The same local considerations exist for national and international shipments, with a few more considerations.
The delivery service you choose can have a significant impact on delivery. Talk directly with a shipping company representative or your Infinity Images project manager to understand the requirements. Ground and air shipment requirements are quite different. Air delivery is quicker but has more limitations on the weight and physical size of the package(s) that can be accepted. Also, the actual contents of the package(s) will determine what can and cannot be shipped by each method.
Customs requirements are attached to every international flight and delivery. Be aware that faster service may not be available, slowing expected arrival times. Duties and tariff fees may also be required by the government of the destination country. In collaboration with our logistics department, your Infinity Images account representative will help handle this, and any additional charges will be added to your overall invoice.


We understand that receiving docks deal with dozens of shipments, if not more, daily. That’s why we use high visibility boxes marked with our custom-designed chevron pattern that say, without question, “GRAPHICS INSIDE.” Make sure to tell whoever meets the shipment at its final destination to look for our custom boxes. You can’t miss us!

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