Holiday 2021 Display

Nike Unite Value Stores
For the 2021 gift giving season, Nike Unite Stores across the country sported some holiday décor thanks to the magic that happens in the Infinity Images workshop!
After outfitting Nike Unite Value Stores across the country with exterior and interior graphics and displays for their collective launch in late 2020, we’ve continued to ideate and produce new and engaging displays for additional initiatives. The latest: holiday season that “Imagine the Possibilities.”
Our design team kicked off the project by applying a festive twist to the iconic logo. They used the Nike swoosh to create four distinct “swooshflake” pinwheels that they then laid out in colored patterns resembling wrapping paper. To enhance the gift boxes, they designed ribbons inspired by the Nike diagonal tonal gray stripes first introduced in 1987. We achieved a metallic look and feel on the ribbons by printing directly to a chrome vinyl.

Project Highlight

While Nike supplied the call to action “Imagine the Possibilities”, we had no other art direction other than to keep it holiday-themed. Our design department had true creative freedom to ideate and bring their vision to life. Compounding that, this was our brand-new Art Director’s first project leading the Infinity design team! It proved to be a wonderful opportunity for him to hit the ground running and get to know his department.

Once all of the graphics were designed and 3D displays engineered, our production team set to work printing the festive assets. Our finishing team was tasked with welding and assembling thousands of boxes, incorporating the LED lighting, and painting the sports equipment. It wasn’t long before all available space in our workshop was filled! With 194 locations throughout the US and Puerto Rico – and varying box sizes and athlete photos for the window displays differing by geographical location – the organization of our packing and shipping department proved vital to the project’s success. With the tight deadline and collaboration of all departments, this truly was an all-hands-on-deck project.
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