Crypto-Zoo: Museum of Mystery

Mike Bennett Art
Criptids, monsters and mythical beasts abounded at Portland-based artist Mike Bennett’s seasonal Crypto-Zoo: Museum of Mystery. We were delighted to use our services to bring such creative (and spooky) critters to life!
Mike Bennett is a local artist known for his colorful and immersive art creations. This October, Infinity Images helped Mike transform an old bank into an enchanting mythical ‘zoo,’ filled with 26 fable creatures, each with their own personality and story.
When guests entered the building, they first watched a short informational video that set the stage for the self-guided tour. Following the wayfinding arrows, patrons then stepped into a fable-filled den, complete with 2D animal head trophies mounted to the wall by our graphics installation team using layered Infinityboard above a pair of inviting chaises. This cozy installation created the perfect atmosphere for guests to pose for Instagram-worthy photos.
Upon stepping through the red velvet curtains, guests entered a dimly lit world unlike the one they came from. Walking along a winding path framed by Mike’s artwork, they were introduced to larger-than-life swamp-dwelling creatures before meeting those of the jungle, desert, city, tundra, caverns, and sea – each one’s name beginning with one of the 26 letters of the alphabet.

Project Highlight

With robust and efficient production, we kept Mike’s gift shop stocked throughout the month-long event, producing over 50 new unique creatures in bulk, quickly and in-line with Mike’s limited release timelines.

As visitors made their way out of the exhibit, they entered the gift shop where they could buy re-prints of their favorite criptids, monsters and creatures. We made sure to keep the store stocked with hundreds of Mike Bennett Art pieces – ranging from slow down signs to garden pals, desk buddies, flamingos, ghosts, and pumpkins – so that patrons could take a part of the museum with them.
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Summary of Infinity Images Services

  • Project Management – For our first immersive art project with Mike Bennett, our project managers provided material specs and recommendations to meet his individual needs – specifically, durable floor graphics, and lightweight and weather-resistant outdoor signage – in addition to the usual project development tracking.
  • Design – The client sent all artwork as PNGs, so our design team transformed the files to contour-cut production-ready art.
  • Engineering – Our 3D engineering team set up the art files to create the layered entryway sign.
  • Prepress – The prepress crew ensured all files were production-ready.
  • Printing – We digitally printed floor wayfinding graphics, 2D animal heads, exterior signage, and a multitude of lawn signs and wooden desk buddies for the gift shop.
  • Cutting – Precise cuts brought the intricate multi-layer entryway sign and creatively shaped lawn signs to life.
  • Finishing – Our finishing department hand-assembled the layered exterior sign and creature wall mounts.
  • Installation – To wrap up the project, our team installed the exterior sign outside of Mike’s exhibit.

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I’ve been using Infinity Images as a printer for over a year now and couldn’t imagine myself going anywhere else. The folks at II are professional, kind, caring and some are even becoming real life friends! The quality of every final product is genuinely mind-blowing to me (and if it ever isn’t, immediate steps are taken to get it there!). I can’t imagine my art career being where it is today without Infinity Images.

Mike Bennett