Climate Pledge Arena

Tube Art Group
As an SGP-certified print facility, our green hearts fluttered when we were asked to produce graphics for the new home of the NHL Seattle Kraken.
Our long-time partner Tube Art Group reached out with a request for production, fabrication, and installation of sustainable graphics for several of the eateries and the team space of the first carbon-neutral certified arena in the world. The timeline was tight and the arena huge, so we got to work.
In working with the designers at Populous and stake holders at CAA Icon, we first sought to understand the design intent and collaboratively find solutions that would keep the final products as close to the original artistic vision as possible.
Our prepress department scaled the supplied art to fit the walls as-built and avoid obstructions like TV’s, vents and pipes, frequently opting for Dreamscape Terralon Type II Wall covering. This material contains 31% post-consumer recycled content, so it’s perfect for clients looking to go green!

Project Highlight

The dark Modelo bar counter proved to be a fun challenge. We worked with the client and designer to reimagine the provided CMYK file that was spec’d to be printed onto white vinyl as a clear film with white ink. We printed white ink at various densities onto a specialty clear film, allowing for the finish and texture of the bar wood to show through the graphic, giving it a unique high-end finish that kept with the original design intent while elevating the final result.

Color matching was another important component for this project. We worked to match the supplied PMS colors to ensure that the brands we touched were represented accurately and consistent to their individual brand guidelines. We adjusted files as needed to hit the color matches and made sure that they were adequate resolution to be printed at a large scale.
Project Management also proved to be crucial to the success of this project. Our install team was working in close proximity to other trades and specialty groups, and we didn’t always have access to all areas that that we needed to have completed. So, we strategically produced graphics in phases. This let the install team get started as the graphics were completed for available areas to avoid having everything installed at the very last minute.

Summary of Infinity Images Services 

  • Project Management: Our team coordinated with Populous and stakeholders at CAA Icon to make sure every phase of the project was on schedule and on budget.
  • Prepress: Pre-production ensured color matching across various materials and adjusted the client’s design files to fit the measurements of the actual space.
  • Printing: In accordance with our SGP certification, we printed eco-friendly wallpaper that wrapped eateries and the team space. We also digitally printed white, clear, and translucent vinyl.
  • Cutting: We laser-cut specialty lettering and logos (including gold leaf), frosted vinyl, and acrylic for the practice arena.
  • Installation: Our team efficiently installed all sustainable graphics and custom fixtures in advance of the opening home NHL game.

If you’re looking for an end-to-end printing and installation partner on your next sustainable design project, let’s connect. We offer a full suite of eco-friendly services, including industrial design and fabrication, that bring your big ideas to life. Contact us to learn more!
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Not to be casual, common or glib, teaming with Infinity Images on the Climate Pledge Arena project was quiet and seamless. Quiet and seamless might seem like a lukewarm endorsement but if you understand the world of EGD on a grand level, i.e. an NHL Stadium, quiet and seamless is the highest praise. With high quality product, project management and professional installation it could have not gone better. For our team not to be concerned with Infinity’s scope was priceless. I look forward to working with Infinity Images soon and often.

Jeff Kehm, Tube Art Group