Nike Legacy Project

Nike Community Store – Los Angeles, California
Infinity Images designed, produced, and installed a custom experiential retail display to celebrate distinguished Black women community leaders at the Nike Community Store in LA.
The Infinity Images team was asked to design and build a “pop-up”-style experiential display to showcase the Nike Legacy Project within a Nike Community Store retail space. The Legacy Project highlights the community action of Black women in Los Angeles through the lens of self-care and wellness. The women featured in the display share stories of how they take care of themselves and their communities through their community work and advocacy.
We designed this retail display to feel like a museum – transporting customers into a space that felt separate from the surrounding store environment. Our project management team worked with our designers to ensure the community leaders were at the forefront, highlighting their individual stories through text, images, and digital content. 
Within a short timeframe, our creative team designed and rendered multiple solutions. Through our 3D visualization and rendering capabilities, we were able to show the client what our custom display designs would look like within the store.

Project Highlight

Digital integration played a key role in the effectiveness of this retail display. Embedded in the structure were five screens that played looping video content. Our industrial design and engineering teams designed and built the display to safely recess the TVs into the walls and conceal all hardware and wires.

After landing on a final design, we got to work engineering the 10-feet tall freestanding structure, with the entire display having a 12’ x12’ footprint in the store. The five-piece structure was engineered to be easily installed in the store.
To accompany the structure, project managers coordinated with our team to produce large format graphics, wrapped the floor in printed vinyl to look like a basketball court, made cut vinyl decals for informational text, and gold vinyl mounted second-surface acrylic for the Legacy Project display signage. Our team also produced corresponding graphics for the store’s footwear retail wall and window display, making it an experiential retail design experience.
Each display component was shipped from the Infinity Images headquarters in Portland and assembled and installed on-site in Los Angeles by our Portland-based installation team. The resulting display installation was an immersive storytelling experience that engaged customers through retail design and compelling digital content.

Summary of Infinity Images Services 

  • Project Management: Our team partnered with Nike to oversee a project that spoke to the community values and goals of the Legacy Project. 
  • Design: Our graphic design team produced an experiential retail design experience that shared the stories told by the women highlighted in the museum. 
  • Engineering: Our 3D team engineered the wall build, accounting for the five TV screens that were incorporated into the walls to sit flush.
  • Printing: We printed graphics by using vinyl decals for informational text, gold vinyl mounted second-surface acrylic for the Legacy Project display signage and other finer details. 
  • Cutting: We laser cut the Legacy logos out of acrylic with a gold vinyl mounted second-surface. 
  • Fabrication: We built a 10-foot freestanding structure that could be easily assembled and moved to fit the store’s evolving display floor plan. 
  • Finishing: Almost all of our finishing work for this project happened on-site, including applying the graphics directly to the wall builds. 
  • Installation: Our install team brought the display to life – including bolting the modular build display – to ensure it told the story Nike set out to tell.  

Our passion for experiential retail design always leads us to working on projects that elevate the customer experience and their community. If you’re interested in learning more about custom retail designs in Portland, Los Angeles, or elsewhere, we’re eager to hear from you. Contact us to learn more!
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