NBA All-Star Week

Nike Community Store – Chicago
Blue or red? Team Lebron or Team Giannis? We created a shop-in-shop retail experience that played off of the duality and competition of NBA All-Star Week.
If you’re a basketball fan, you know there is nothing like the excitement of an All-Star exhibition. It’s a weekend full of competition that pits the very best against the very best. We were thrilled at the opportunity to bring the spirit of the 2020 All-Star Weekend to life at the Nike Community Store in Chicago.
Our challenge was to create a space that transported customers into an alternate store experience while matching the Nike brand’s energy and aesthetics. We developed a design concept with a locker room vibe elevated to look like a museum. The unique take impressed our client, and our engineering team got to work to make it all happen.

Project Highlight

From the LED Ticker at the entrance to the vibrant red and blue tubes throughout, the lighting elements made this display a stand-out retail experience. The overhead lighting was updated to red and blue to draw attention to the shop-in-shop and encourage customer walkthroughs. The entire interior was lit up with LED tube lights and accented with recessed lighting.

The Infinity Images team handled every detail of engineering and fabrication, from the black laminate flooring to the blue and red tube lighting. The white laminated wood structure that housed a host of All-Star gear was engineered to be structurally sound and safe for customers to walk through. For the structure’s interior, we fabricated custom benches with upholstered tops, clothing racks, acrylic museum cases, and shoe pedestals.
After shipping all of the components to Chicago, we sent our installers out to make sure every detail was perfectly in place. From start to finish, we had about a week to complete this project. The result was a memorable, experiential display that resulted in fun “selfie moments" for Nike Community Store customers.
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