HQ Office Revamp

SOREL prides itself on creating all-weather footwear that pushes the boundaries of function-first fashion. Recently, we joined them on an untrodden adventure – outfitting their new modern headquarters with custom brand-focused environmental graphics.
Footwear brand SOREL, a long-time client and tenant of downtown Portland’s business district, recently relocated its headquarters to western Portland. They needed a change of scenery and took the opportunity to partner with other local creatives (hello, it’s us!) to conceive and construct some fabulous new digs.
SOREL selected Walsh Construction Co. as the development contractor and GDP Architects as the project architectural firm. Working in tandem, Walsh handled the building construction and GDP concepted the office design. Once SOREL had approved the creative brief, it was our turn to shine.  
As is frequently the case, our process began with a detailed site survey. Our installers collected the as-built measurements and assessed the conditions of the space. With the site conditions and sizes known, we proceeded to tackle GDP Architects’ huge lobby lenticular wall. Visualizing a beautiful design is very important but making it a reality is a whole other task. Our 3D engineers had to figure out how to safely bring the dimensional free-standing wall to life. They started by creating a template to ensure all steel supports would line up perfectly and anchor into the ceiling and floor. While they were calculating the numerous technical logistics, our in-house design team reworked the provided art files to seamlessly wrap around each dual-view aluminum fin of the 21-foot-wide by 10.5-foot-tall feature wall. Once those steps were complete, all files went to prepress.

Project Highlight

The biggest challenge was safely installing the feature wall. To secure a stamp of approval from a structural engineer and a permit from the City of Portland, we welded support brackets onto the ceiling beams to ensure they were sturdy enough to lift and hold the 1,000-pound structure, allowing safe and precise installation.

We printed and cut eight vinyl wall graphics, four SEGs, and various frosted door and window film treatments – after all, the public shouldn’t be able to peek into the building and see the magic happening before shoes hit the shelves! Each fabric graphic was hemmed and installed into its own custom backlit SEG frame. The feature wall vinyl graphic was printed, cut, and then hand-wrapped around each fin by our finishing team. Upon completion, our fulfillment crew packaged all project components, and we transported them to SOREL’s new space.
Onsite, our 3M™ certified installation team was tasked with installing and securing the massive feature wall. We used the existing ceiling beams to rig a pulley system, then successfully lifted the 1,000-pound lenticular wall up and placed it securely in its new home. After the feature wall, the wall vinyl, SEGs, and window frosting installation were a breeze. The result is a dynamic, collaborative, bright, and well-branded office space to house SOREL employees as they create new trendsetting footwear for Portlanders and beyond.

Summary of Infinity Images Services

  • Project Management – Our project management team scheduled the site survey visit, ordered the project materials, secured proof approvals from the client, and provided installation support.
  • Engineering – We calculated and engineered ceiling anchors and floor supports to safely install the 1,000-pound feature wall.
  • Prepress – Our prepress operators ensured all design files were formatted correctly for large-format printing.
  • Printing – In addition to wall vinyl and fabric graphics, we printed white ink on top of clear vinyl to create a custom gradient for the door and window film.
  • Cutting – All wall, lenticular, door, and window graphics were cut to size by our digital cutters.
  • Finishing – Individual strips of vinyl were hand-applied to the lenticular wall fins by our finishing crew.
  • Installation – SOREL’s HQ interior décor came together after our installation team had installed all graphic and dimensional components.
  • Fulfillment – Our shipping team carefully individually packaged each project piece, and then we transported everything to the install site.

Effective environmental graphics should define an area, establish a mood, and guide people through the space. Luckily for you, we’re environmental experts. Whether you’d like to jazz up an office building, parking garage, medical facility, museum, higher education building, or stadium, reach out! We’d love to help you bring your big ideas to life.
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