Hayward Field Renovation

Hoffman Construction
The University of Oregon’s newly renovated track and field arena is built to showcase world-class athletes. We were stoked to be part of the team that made it happen!

Back in 2019, Hoffman Construction approached us to help them add University of Oregon branding to the new Hayward Field Stadium. In partnership with Nike visionary Todd Van Horne and the designers at AHM Brands, the goal was to create a “theater” for track and field, with an all-inclusive athlete training facility underneath. The project architect, SRG Partnership, had created an impressive structure and footprint, but the plans were lacking in branding. We were excited to join the team as the large-format printing, fabrication, and installation partner to help them bring the DUCKS brand to life. 

The University of Oregon wanted the new arena to be athlete-centered – both in décor and function – while also showcasing Oregon history and culture. We produced larger-than-life VOM athlete headers above the concourse-level stand entryways. Each header featured a past athlete to pay honor to the legends that make U of O Track and Field a force to be reckoned with. As fans walk along the concourse before entering the stands, they pass huge OREGON DUCKS wall lettering. Replicating letters in a specific brand font at a uniform height and spacing is not a task to be guesstimated. We cut painting stencils to ensure a precise finished presentation.

Beneath the venue lies an expansive area just for the athletes. There are discipline-specific training areas, physical therapy and recovery spaces (including nap pods!), hydration and nutrition stations, eateries, hot and cold plunge pools, a team meeting theater, locker rooms, weight rooms, gear storage, and a lounge. Interspersed throughout are our graphics. We produced vinyl graphics for their equipment storage lockers, coaches’ area, and feature walls; custom-shaped 3D graphic panels for the history wall; printed to supplied metal, Corian, and wood for custom barn doors, lockers, and wood feature walls; custom glass film and frosting for privacy and information; cut vinyl for safety and way finding; and more. All graphics feature Oregon DUCKS branding, legacy athletes, or nod to local landmarks.

Project Highlight

The 16 VOM athlete headers posed a fun challenge. They were set to be anchored over walkways and exposed to the elements, so we had to make sure they would be firmly and safely secured. We tested anchoring methods and hardware to determine a solution that would earn an engineering stamp of approval. During this process, we provided value engineering and material recommendations. The client’s original vision was very expensive, so we determined a new creative approach that retained the "wow" factor but reduced our fabrication and installation costs by 33%!

The multi-story tower built next to the east stands serves as the administration and coaches’ quarter. Inside are offices and conference rooms, interpretive exhibits, and an observation deck. We enhanced the space with bathroom graphics and Olympic alumni athlete photo SEGs in the stairwells. The result is a functional and branded monument that resembles the Olympic torch.

The revamped stadium is a sight to be seen. We hope you’ll make it down to Eugene, Oregon for a University of Oregon track meet to experience it for yourself. Until then, check out this video overview.

Summary of Infinity Images Services

  • Project Management – We tracked timelines, project component progress, shipping, and installation of the finalized graphics.
  • Engineering – Value engineering allowed us to lower the cost of the VOM athlete headers while still ensuring durability and safety.
  • Prepress – Our preproduction department paneled graphics and adjusted client-provided art to match as-built dimensions for printing and installation.
  • Printing – We printed vinyl wall graphics, glass film, multi-surface white ink, and direct-to-substrate (wood, Corian, and powder-coated metal).
  • Cutting – All graphics and paint lettering stencils were digitally cut, while safety and wayfinding decals, frosted logos and addresses were kiss-cut.
  • Fabrication – Our fabrication crew countersunk the VOM header panel to minimize hardware visibility, and built the oversized 3D history wall panels.
  • Finishing – The vinyl murals and graphics were laminated by our finishing department for extra durability.
  • Installation – We installed the locker vinyl, wall graphics, glass film and frosting, 3D panels and frames, vinyl decals, history wall panels, stairwell SEGs, and garage wall and door wrap.

If you’re looking for an end-to-end printing and installation partner for your next graphics project, let’s connect. We offer a full suite of services, including design, 3D engineering, printing, cutting, fabrication, and installation. Contact us to learn more!
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