Day One HQ Takeover

Daimler Truck North America
After 100 years under the same company, Daimler Truck North America split from Mercedez-Benz, and we had the honor of producing the celebratory graphics that took over their headquarters!
Daimler Truck North America (Daimler Truck NA) has been utilizing our portfolio of services and capabilities since early 2018. What started as small projects like presentation signage and assorted decals, turned into large rollouts for 350 truck stops across the country, full vinyl truck and trailer wraps, and entire building takeovers for events. Most recently, we overtook Daimler Truck NA’s headquarters with Day One branding in recognition of the company’s monumental first day as an independent company from Mercedez-Benz.
We began by photographing the headquarters, and then our design and engineering teams got to work concepting and overlaying the graphics onto the photos to realistically present our ideas to the client. Once we received approval, we measured twice (maybe even three times) and produced large-scale graphics to match the concept.

Project Highlight

We decided to print the yellow stripes on optically clear floor vinyl instead of laying each stripe individually. This approach ensured that they were always perfectly aligned to one another and would be more durable to everyday foot traffic.

The suite of graphics begins on the exterior of the building. As you drive up to the entryway, you’re wowed by 35-foot-long vinyl lettering and stripes across the front windows. Our installers also covered the entrance, lobby floors, columns, cafeteria and elevators with Day One artwork.
Since the design incorporated a lot of lines, the installation team had to work meticulously when applying the floor graphics, especially when angling the stripes to the truck in the lobby interior. The Daimler leadership team was blown away at the impact the graphics had on the space. The Day One takeover was only supposed to last a few weeks, but management loved the graphics so much, they’re still up three months later! An unexpected extension is no big deal when you use as durable materials and boast as thorough installers as Infinity Images does.

Summary of Infinity Images Services 

  • Project Management – Successful project management ensured that the graphic production and installation were completed to coincide with the press announcement of the company split.
  • Design – Our design team adapted the client’s digital Day One campaign branding for physical space, scaled and sized to the precise building dimensions.
  • Printing – Large format digital printing brought the design files to life.
  • Cutting – We digitally cut each graphic to the exact shape and size outlined in the design proofs.
  • Installation – Our 3M Certified installation team carefully applied the durable floor, column, window, door, and elevator graphics.

If you’re looking for an end-to-end printing and installation partner for your next graphics project, let’s connect. We offer a full suite of services, including industrial design, printing, cutting, and installation, that bring your big ideas to life. Contact us to learn more!
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