World Athletics Championships Oregon22

World Athletics
This past July, over 18 million viewers tuned in to the world championship track meet at Hayward Field stadium decorated with graphics produced and installed by our team!
For the first time, the World Athletics Championships were held on US soil. Over 1,700 competitors traveled to Eugene, OR to compete at Hayward Field stadium and we played a part in producing the huge suite of graphics that welcomed the world to Oregon!
World Athletics asked us to help transform the collegiate track and field stadium into a TV-ready world championship stage. Our task was to produce and install columns wraps, banners spanning the exterior perimeter and barricades, cover all logos from non-sponsoring brands, cover street signage with marathon signage, create informational tent backdrops, wayfinding directions for athletes and visitors, and backdrops for photo opportunities. We collaborated with the event designers over at AHM Brands to adapt all creative files to the in-person specs determined by our site survey. Once pre-press made any needed adjustments, we sent the designers proofs to verify that everything matched as intended, and then the graphics went into production.
The graphics for this project needed to be removable after the event, but quality worthy of the immense news coverage that was about to ensue (and of our internal high standards of course!). Our team worked to identify materials that would boldly relay the messaging while not damaging the existing graphics, structures, and fixtures. We used everything from vinyl banners and fabric backdrops to cardstock signage and fabric stretch graphics, making sustainable choices when possible.

Project Highlight

In order to ensure that graphics were sturdy but easily removable after the event had finished, our 3D engineers, project managers, sales director, and installation teams collaborated to come up with the best fabrication methods. We successfully fastened banners, coroplast, imagemaxx, and tension-fit graphics into place. All graphics stayed put throughout the event and left zero trace upon removal!

As is often the case with particularly epic projects, the timeline was very short. Many graphics needed to be produced and installed within just a few weeks of receiving the artwork – including a vinyl decal that spanned the entire 1,245-foot stadium circumference! To meet the deadlines, we dedicated three of our five full-time installers exclusively to this project. And after the event had finished and all athletes and guests had left, our install team deinstalled and removed all graphics, returning Hayward Field to its previous University of Oregon branding.
It was amazing to see the teams of event staff and contractors come together to transform Hayward Field for the world stage. This was the first event of this size at Hayward Field, and we were proud to be a part of the crew that made it happen!

Summary of Infinity Images Services

  • Project Management – Detail-oriented project management proved crucial to keeping our internal crew and external partners organized, supplies and materials stocked, and all stages of production and delivery on schedule.
  • Prepress – Our preproduction department adjusted the art files from AHM Brands to fit the dimensions as determined in our site survey.
  • Printing – We digitally printed hundreds of high-quality removable graphics that adorned the interior and exterior of the stadium and surrounding athlete village.
  • Cutting – Precise digital and laser cutting ensured that our graphics were produced to the exact measurements of the space.
  • Finishing – The finishing department carefully grommeted banners and sewed backdrops.
  • Installation – It came down to the final hours, but our 3M Certified installers successfully installed all graphics in advance of opening day.
  • Fulfillment – Our shipping crew carefully packed all graphics and facilitated their timely transport down to Hayward Field.

If you need event graphic support, you’ve come to the right place. Our team of experts can provide high-impact, durable, weather-resistant products that’ll meet your budget and wow your attendees. Contact us to learn more!
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