COVID-19 Counter Shields

Columbia Sportswear
When COVID-19 hit, it was time to pivot. Working with limited access to material, we quickly produced hundreds of counter shields to reopen Columbia Sportswear stores safely.
The pandemic took a toll on almost every industry, with brick-and-mortar retail being one of the hardest hit. As a company specializing in fabricating retail displays, we pivoted our operations to provide clients with safe reopening solutions.
When Columbia Sportswear asked us to engineer and produce custom counter shields for over 100 of their store locations, we quickly got to work developing fast, high volume production methods.

Project Highlight

The Columbia Sportswear Employee Store check-in desk required a custom 18-foot counter shield. We designed, engineered, and installed a functional solution with minimal seams and custom cutouts to align with each workstation.

Counter shields provide an effective barrier that protects both store employees and customers from airborne particles and droplets. Though simple in construction, our counter shields are engineered for durability and designed to be easy to clean and install.

We manufactured over 650 clear acrylic counter shields for Columbia Sportswear retail stores. Along with shipping and fulfillment, we provided installation services for several stores in the local Portland area.
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