adidas NMD

We are experts at giving premium shoes a commanding retail presence. Case in point: The electrifying results of this concept we engineered for adidas.
The adidas NMD is a modern lifestyle shoe designed for movement. Carrying this concept over to the retail space, adidas designed a campaign inspired by the movement of sound. Infinity Images worked with adidas to engineer, prototype, and install multiple facets of the in-store displays, including the electrified sound wave structures with custom LED lights. We printed and installed layers of hanging double-sided graphics, vinyl, and window clings for multidimensional impact.

Project Highlight

Our engineering team developed a solution to mimic the rendered sound wave design given to us by the client. We had to consider how to hide all of the wiring to achieve the look of sound waves floating in space. The solution was flexible LED neon tubes affixed to a custom subframe. All lighting was engineered and wired in-house, which made for a seamless on-site installation process.

To drive home the sound wave concept and communicate the unique shoe design, we fabricated custom tabletop covers and Plexiglas displays with a “sound-baffling” filler. The resulting look drew in customers through engaging 3D displays and modern graphics that perfectly complemented the adidas NMD shoes. After prototypes were approved and built, our shipping and installation teams pulled out all the stops to implement the designs at several adidas store locations.
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