Zayn x Arnette Seeding Kit

Roundhouse Agency
Our future is so bright, we had the opportunity to create one-of-a-kind sunglass seeding kits for singer Zayn Malik and his closest friends!
The Infinity Images team was asked to help create an experience for transporting and opening celebrity-worthy sunglasses kits as part of the #ZAYNxARNETTE partnership. Roundhouse Agency envisioned three different components: an infinity box, a travel kit and 60 celeb kits.
Zayn’s collection is inspired by a place without borders, edges, beginnings or endings. The collection blends contemporary attitude with 90’s nostalgia, featuring neon pinks, blues and purples and black, and we wanted our work to match. Our engineering department started out with a deep dive into 3D research and development, hunting for the best ways to bring the colorful concepts to life. They sampled a multitude of materials and hardware, and then began prototyping.

Project Highlight

The infinity mirror was very important to the aesthetic of the campaign. We wanted to create a product that had a high-end iridescent look and feel but had limited space to do so. The team created custom hinges and then chose two-way mirrors and battery-powered LED lights that automatically turned on when the box opened.

Working in partnership with the client, our engineers complimented the base acrylic with a slew of other materials, and then wrapped and welded the components together to create the infinity box and kits. They forged the iridescent custom triangles carriers of the travel and celeb kits, and then utilized a mag receptor to hold together the interwoven compartments. This allowed the kits to be fully compactable and functional on-the-go fashion statements.
Each travel and celeb kit held five pairs of sustainable Arnette sunglasses, which lay nested inside a custom #ZAYNxARNETTE branded box. With their new sturdy travel kits, Zayn and his friends can now mix up and play with different sunglass styles to match their ever changing vibes.
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