Tillamook Creamery Visitor's Center

This may sound cheesy, but we melted at the opportunity to print exhibit graphics for this newly remodeled Oregon landmark.
If you grew up in Oregon, you've likely been to the Tillamook Creamery. It's a landmark of fun, learning, and copious cheese sampling. The newly remodeled Tillamook Creamery was open to the public in 2018, and we were honored to work alongside Formations and be a part of this project. Operating as a trusted production partner, we helped print many of the graphics that you can see throughout the Tillamook Visitor's Center exhibits.

Project Highlight

Three Tillamook “Baby Loaf” buses famously used to roll up to stores and hand out samples to hungry cheese heads. Formations fabricated an incredible bus replica for the new Visitor’s Center as a permanent installation. We printed the Sintra “Polaroids” (shown right) that showcase the journey of the real buses as they traveled to grocery stores around the country.

Our ability to direct-print onto plywood and MDF was a perfect fit for the building's modern-barn look. We were provided material pre-cut to size for the floor-to-ceiling plywood graphics and exhibit walls. Our prepress team carefully set up individual graphics for each board to align perfectly when installed. We worked with the client to perform color testing and utilized our white ink printing process for some of the plywood graphics.
The keys to making this project happen were a keen eye for detail through our prepress and printing processes and open communication with the client. The resulting Visitor's Center is inviting, informative, and visually stunning – all hallmarks of a successful exhibit.

Photos Courtesy of:
Formations, Inc.
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