Under Armour Iso-Chill Seeding Kit

Under Armour & Cinco Design
What’s cooler than being cool? This cooler. Teaming up with Cinco Design, we engineered and fabricated a seeding kit for Under Armour athletes.
When Cinco Design came to us with the concept of sending out coolers as seeding kits to Under Armour athletes, we jumped at the chance to flex our engineering and fabrication skills to make it happen.
Cinco wanted to create an experiential seeding kit that showcased the new Under Armour Iso-Chill line of clothing. The fabric of the workout clothes have specially designed fibers that feel cool to the touch – perfect for athletes in the heat of competition.  
Starting with a design from the client, our engineering team tackled the unique challenges of adapting real coolers into impactful seeding kits. After several rounds of prototyping and feedback, we landed on a final execution and got to work fabricating and assembling all of the components.

Project Highlight

These coolers weren’t just cool to look at – they were actually cold. We packed them with dry ice and shipped them to be ice cold upon arrival. The blue LED lighting activated upon opening added another layer of chill to this experiential design.

The fabrication process was extensive and detailed. Our work included painting the coolers and racks and printing and applying branding decals to the exterior. We inlaid dimensional letters into the interior lid, and an acrylic piece capped the cooler chest – all printed to look like frosted glass. Inside the cooler itself, clear acrylic clothing dividers refracted and enhanced the blue LED lighting effect.
The seeding kits were customized for each athlete, making no two coolers alike. Each kit was branded with a plaque of the athlete’s name, custom interior plaques, and sticker packs.
A total of 26 seeding kits were fabricated and shipped worldwide in custom, insulated shipping boxes. Because the coolers had to be cold upon arrival, our timing had to be dialed for a successful activation. We were so thrilled (and star stuck) watching athletes like Justin Jefferson, Jordan Thompson, Jonathan Taylor, and Monica Jones unbox the seeding kits on Instagram.
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