The Portland Building

Howard S. Wright Construction, DLR Group & Mayer/Reed
The Portland Building is an icon of postmodern architecture. We helped refresh the interior with new wall graphics and a custom printed art installation.
Built in 1982, the Portland Building was considered groundbreaking compared to the surrounding landscape of more traditional office building styles. Unfortunately, the landmark suffered from major structural issues resulting in a large-scale reconstruction project.
The reconstruction included adding environmental graphics that reflected the history and landscapes of the city and Oregon at large. Infinity Images was contracted through Howard S. Wright Construction to produce and install graphics throughout the building, staying true to the architectural vision of DLR Group and visuals created by Mayer/Reed
After conducting site surveys and materials tests, we printed and installed wall graphics on all 15 floors – including elevator surrounds, stairwells, and restrooms using the 3M 8600 décor series texture laminates to elevate the appearance the appearance of the graphics and make the images true works of art.   

Project Highlight

"We've Been Here" by Kayin Talton Davis and Cleo Davis highlights and honors Portland's Black women community leaders' presence in the early 1900s. We printed and installed the dimensional nine-panel art installation on the Portland Building's ground floor in the event room dedicated to Lizzie K. Weeks.

For the elevator surrounds, aluminum composite material was custom cut and bent on site. Each panel needed to maintain consistent spacing and give each floor its own identity by pulling inspiration from every corner of Oregon.    
RACC commissioned a special art installation for the Lizzie K. Weeks Event Room. Our team worked with artists Kayin Talton Davis and Cleo Davis to bring their vision to life through multiple materials and printing processes. Second-surface printing on acrylic and metallic gold polyester film focused attention on historic photographs of Lizzie K. Weeks and other early equal rights community leaders.
Bringing colorful graphics into the Portland Building ushers in a new era for the landmark, and we're excited our work will have a lasting impact on the dedicated public servants who work there. Click here to watch a docuseries on the reconstruction project from DLR Group.
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