Oregon State Football Hall of Fame

Oregon State University
To celebrate Beaver Nation football, we engineered, produced, and installed exciting 3D displays that honor past Oregon State players.
Following the renovation of the Valley Football Center, the Beavs wanted multi-dimensional displays to honor their Hall of Fame football players. Utilizing backlit acrylic letters, dimensional DIBOND logos, and real football helmets, we engineered, produced, and installed displays that popped out of the walls for an exciting Hall of Fame room. 

Getting everything lit up required careful site surveying and project management. We determined where and how we could install lighting before producing all of the graphics and 3D elements. For the helmet wall, we first created a stencil and worked with General Contractors to drill holes for lighting placement. Our team then wrapped the wall in vinyl and cut out smaller holes to thread the power sources through to the acrylic letters. The acrylic letters are backlit to give a halo effect with no trace of unsightly wires and cords.

Project Highlight

The NFL helmet wall is a standout feature of this installation – both literally and figuratively. It took some skilled engineering to perfectly align and securely mount 36 helmets within the designated space. After cutting them in half, we hung the helmets and their corresponding plaques that pay tribute to the football pros.

The football players are highlighted on large acrylic pieces with small plaque mounts in multiple categories: Oregon State Hall of Fame, All-Americans, Top 100 NFL Draft Picks, and Super Bowl Beavers. As their football legacy grows, the lists have open plaques to add names to each category.
The resulting Hall of Fame provides a modern look at the past. We brought the client’s three-dimensional vision to life and created a space that commemorates the best of Beaver Football.

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